More than 50 years' experience designing, manufacturing and marketing knife gate valves, penstocks, dampers, and valves for hydraulic work 

With 6 Manufacturing Plants in Europe, the Americas and Asia, 12 Sales Companies and an extensive network of Distributors worldwide, ORBINOX is currently present in over 70 countries across the five continents. 

Being close to our customers in order to offer technical advice and respond to your requirements is one of our strengths.
We think globally, whilst applying our expertise locally. 




ORBINOX was founded in Tolosa in 1964, manufacturing industrial valves to fulfil the increasing demand of the local paper industry

In 1987, in order to satisfy the demand of new markets ORBINOX relocated to a new factory in Anoeta and introduced new and specialised products such as dampers and valves for hydraulic works. 

In the mid 90´s, after a crisis period in the domestic prices, ORBINOX decided to first focus on standard products to enhance competitiveness and establish the foundations of future global growth. 

In the early 2000´s a period of change and expansion began. Organised into two business units (Knife gate valves and Specific products), ORBINOX established manufacturing and distribution subsidiaries in Canada and USA, United Kingdom, India, Spain, France, China and Germany.

In 2007, as a result of an organisational restructuring within the Group, ORBINOX VALVES INTERNATIONAL was established.

In the late 2000´s ORBINOX Brazil and South East Asia were established, and a majority shareholding of DAMPER TECHNOLOGY Ltd in the UK was acquired.

In 2011, ORBINOX became a member of the AVK Group.

In 2015, a new ORBINOX subsidiary was established in Chile, in 2016 ORBINOX France was reestructured, and in 2017 ORBINOX Peru was established .



ORBINOX is the leading European knife gate valve manufacturer. Our continued market leadership is the result of staying true to our Mission, Vision and Values

Product quality and customer satisfaction are our goals. 

We offer a wide range of valves, penstocks/sluice gates and dampers which cover a variety of applications. We have a highly qualified and experienced team providing the best solutions to suit the needs of our customers.

Our production plants are equipped with the most up to date machinery which, combined, with our modular product design and production to order system allows us to be highly flexible with specifications and delivery times.

Currently we are present in over 70 countries across the five continents, enabling us to be close to our customers in order to offer technical advice and respond to their requirements.